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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we avail of your service 24/7?

Yes, we are at your service 24/7.  As customer safety is a top concern and our priority, we would like to be there anytime and anywhere you need us, especially during an emergency. Please call or send us an SMS through our hotline number.

How fast can you accommodate a request for your service?

You can be sure to be given priority on the day that you require our services.  For emergency cases, we will respond to your request within an hour and be ready to fix your garage door problem promptly.

How do I check your company’s availability within our area?

We have a convenient way for you to check if we are available in your area. You can simply dial our hotline number, and our customer service assistants will connect your call to the nearest service center within your area.

How do I check the legitimacy of your staff?

Our uniformed technicians will call on you using a service vehicle that has our company logo. They are also required to wear IDs during a service call. also In addition, you can check with us through phone call as soon as they arrive.

Do you offer special prices for frequent customers?

We value customer loyalty. For repeat customers, we offer discounted pricing depending on the number of times and extent of services. First time customers shall be issued loyalty cards which work as discount cards when you subsequently avail of our services.

Do I have to pay a deposit or down payment?

Yes, we require partial payment.  Our technicians would start work on your garage only upon your approval of the estimates and payment of the partial deposit. Full account settlement shall only be required once the job is completed.

Is it safe to just fix an old garage door?

We do not encourage customers to continue using garage doors that have outdated systems for safety reasons. We want to keep you safe from burglary or theft as well as help you avoid accidents that may cause serious physical injuries or damage to your cars.

Can I purchase parts and install them on my own?

While we have available parts in our stores, which you can order over the phone and which we will be happy to deliver, we encourage that you leave the installation to our experienced and competent technicians for safety reasons.

Do you offer price estimates over the phone?

Yes, we may quote price estimates over the phone depending on the description of the service that you need.  However, this may change upon actual inspection from which we will be able to determine the extent of work and parts needed to complete the service your door requires.

How do I know if your service is the best available?

We offer reasonably priced services, which you can compare with other providers.  We use top-grade parts sourced from reliable suppliers and hire qualified and duly certified technicians who can competently and adequately perform the jobs you require.

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